The Studio

Don Green Furniture, formally know as Greentree Home Furniture, is "inconveniently" located in the western foothills of the Catskill Mountains.

Roll back 20 years. In 1990, Don Green was operating out of a well know Philadelphia Co-op wood shop  located in "Fishtown". 1102 Columbia Ave, was owned and operated by two Philadelphia furniture makers. Fresh out of college, Green rented shop space, along with a slew of other ambitious furniture makers. He produced work, for a few years, out of the building. In 1992, eager to get out of the city, Green and his wife decided to moved their business and young family to the country. They landed in Delaware County, NY and began to take roots.

Today, Don Green still operates out of the same NY shop that he began in, but the space has tripled in size. Within the 3000 square foot wood shop and finishing facility, Green works with a 20 + year collection of new and refurbished machinery, equipment and hand tools, which he has obtained to through purchase and barter. Each machine has a story, as does each piece of furniture.