Technique & Construction

Don Green builds each piece, by hand, in his up state New York studio. He incorporates traditional joinery such as dovetail construction, mortise and tenon construction, bent lamination a well as parquetry and inlays. Solidly constructed of select woods and beautifully finished, Green's expert attention to detail and classic construction techniques is exceptional. "It is my intention to make studio furniture that is sound in construction and simple in design. As with every artist, there is a desire to be original. As a result, I have cultivated own methods of building that are exclusive to my work. Investing in the time to develop of my own techniques has made me a more resourceful and inventive artist. My intention is to make a clean straightforward aesthetic statement with my furniture. My work is pared down to simple elements that are designed and executed well. Decoration has never been my thing. I am motivated to produce strong honest work that is both functional and sound in construction."

Don Green